Take responsibility for everything you do.

Your current situation wether it be good or bad is a result of all the small decisions you have made day to day leading up to this point.

No one ever got held at gunpoint and made to eat a pizza. Its always the excuses like “oh i was out and it was rude to say no” .

We make excuses and act as if things are out of our control yet what you put in your mouth is one thing as an adult you have complete control over.

“Im to busy”

“By the time i get home from work I’m to tired”

“I’ll do it when the kids are older”

“I just don’t have time at the moment”

“I can’t afford it”

They are all crappy excuses that make us feel like our laziness or poor decisions are justified. These decisions are the ones that seem small but result in poor self esteem, poor health and feeling pretty terrible when you look in the mirror. The follow on effects of this can go as far as teaching your children poor body image, being a negative energy to the people around you and wasting a large portion of your life feeling down everyday.

If you really think about it, the answers are so simple. Just take control and make S$#T happen. One I get regularly is “ I have no time to cook breakfast” , when someone says this to me I can always tell that they are going to be resistant to change from the get go. The answer is so simple. Get up 10 minutes earlier. If you surveyed 10 of the most successful CEO’s in Australia I bet at lease 9/10 would get up early and be productive everyday. They are some of the busiest people in the world but they would never make an excuse like that. They’d find a way and just do it.

Its not always easy but its usually simple. Get up earlier. Find some healthy recipes to cook. Eat 20 minutes later or 20 minutes earlier. Drop the kids at school 15 mounts earlier to get to your 930 class. Go for a walk. Do a home workout. Get more organised. Plan ahead. Spend the time to prep some meals. Budget for a gym memberships or coach.

The people who do all these things aren’t just people who have no responsibilities and loads of spare time they are people that make it happen. They make less excuses and JFDI. Life isn’t always easy and things definitely don’t always go to plan especially when work and kids are involved but once you change your mindset from that of a victim of life to one who takes unexpected change in their stride and finds a way to still make the right decision 90% of the time. If you stuff up which if you’re a human, you will now and then, learn from your mistakes and make a better choice next time.

Go away from reading this with a heightened awareness to the excuses you make day to day and the decisions that are steering you away from achieving your goals and having a better life. Start taking control and taking action to change it bit by bit. Then watch the results come in many areas of your life.

Shred it!

Briana Harkness

Contact info@cleanshred.com.au