The Home of Strong Humans and Explosive Athletes

Expert coaches with proven training and nutrition programs for epic results!

The Home of Strong Humans and Explosive Athletes

The Home of Strong Humans and Explosive Athletes

Expert coaches with proven training and nutrition programs for epic results!

Expert coaches with proven training and nutrition programs for epic results!

The Experts in..

Weight Loss Transformation

  • Fat Loss Training
  • Personalised Eating Plan
  • Expert Accountability Coach
  • Individual and Group Options
  • Guaranteed Results

Explosive Athlete Training

  • Programs 8 – 12yrs, 13+ and Opens
  • Increased Speed and Agility
  • Decrease Risk of Injury
  • Expert Youth Athlete Coaches
  • Gain an edge over the competition

Functional Fitness Training

  • Pain Free Performance
  • Look and feel Athletic
  • Learn and master technique
  • Fun Training Environment
  • Group and individual Options


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Shred Meals E-Book

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These are fresh, lean, healthy and delicious!
Our members receive complete individualised eating plans with recipes

Explosive 21

This program is for athletes 13+ wanting to improve their first 5 to 10m of explosive speed.. It includes 21 days of strength, power and acceleration workouts and only requires bands and balls for equipment.

e-program body weight

Try out our training system for yourself!
We have mastered the ability to create a strong, lean, athletic body through smart program and exercise selection.
Recommended for those with training experience and solid foundational technique.

our coaches

Our coaches are at the very top of the game and are not just sort after coaches but also educators for other coaches. As a team we keep challenging each other to keep learning and improving our skills as coaches and humans.

learn, laugh and enjoy being healthy and energetic

we’re a Personal Training company that delivers genuinely amazing results to our clients.


Simon is a very talented coach in strength, power and speed, Combine this with his nutrition and mobility skills provides a real edge over the competition. His gym coaching has assisted me to become the first ever Australian Female dual Olympian and i look forward to working with him towards my next goal.

Jana Pittman

Simon Bungate has worked with the Wests Tigers NYC team to improve their Strength, nutrition, mobility and speed. He is a highly knowledgeable strength and conditioning coach who can improve all aspects of the elite athletes performance.

Brett Kimmorley

Team training environment, the coaches are just amazing, and most importantly, the flexibility in the schedule. The fact that I can train as early as 5am or as late as 7:30pm is exactly what busy professionals need. The coaches are knowledgeable and well equipped to help you achieve your goals. They take a holistic approach to health and fitness which is awesome. Having trained in a conventional gym, all trainers want to do is sign you up for PT sessions and peddle a bunch of supplements. Not here. The coaches here truly care about you and want to come along on a journey towards your success. It's very refreshing. I have transformed my body, my mind, and my lifestyle since being with Clean Shred and look forward to continuing this journey.

Anthony Mitri

Clean Shred, what an amazing place to be a part of. Outstanding coaches, awesome sessions and just an all round amazing environment to train in. It's hard not to give your training 110% when you are supported and surrounded by inspirational people. Love this place!

Sandra Zammit Bayssair

Clean Shred is our family gym. All my kids love the Athlete Development classes and have improved strength, speed and agility. My wife and I love the team training sessions with ongoing support to help us reach our goals. They provide great friendly trainers that encourage whilst always watching technique. I’m the fittest I’ve been in 20 years. Great gym for great results.

Nathan Henry


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