The first thing we think about when wanting to get faster is to sprint.. It makes sense to get faster; you need to do fast things!
Where I see a lot of easy short term wins and also extending long term athletic speed is by starting with posture. Although everyone’s athletic posture will look a little different depending on a number of factors there are a number of factors that can help you to move more efficiently and gain access to the muscles and tendons that create speed.

The feet, arches and glutes –

1. Athletic Posture Checklist –
a. afeet,
b. shin angle,
c. Hips
d. Sternum

2. Feet
a. Do you own your toes? Can you move them independently to each other?

3. The Arches of the feet
a. Access the big toe.
b. Transverse arch (pinky toe out gives you the ability to access the big toe)
c. Stronger toes don’t help, they just wont hold your body, get access to the T arch and then your toes can work as direction of fall/ Force.

4. Shin angle.
a. The better the shin angle in the direction you want to go the less effort is required to go in that direction.. It actually becomes a fall as opposed to effort, you then still have the effort in the gun ready to unleash in the direction you want to go.

5. Glute
a. To actually access the power of the glute you need to set it up at an angle where it can unleash.
b. Standing tall cant access the glute.
c. If the shin does not continue to drop the glute can’t contribute.

Note –

Arches work, Big Toe works – Glutes will work