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WEIGHT LOSS transformation
WEIGHT LOSS transformation


Time to shred body fat and bring back your lean athletic body!

Clean Shred has developed the most effective and consistently successful method of transformations. 

Our Expert coaches combined personalised nutrition and wellness with cutting edge fat loss training. This will ensure and help you achieve your results that will give you the life you deserve.



The best eating plan is the one you can adhere. We help you meet your goals and discuss your challenges to give you the best results. Once this is understood, we can then put you on the right eating plan. You will never feel unsure of what you need to do if your expert coach is there every step of the way.

daily activity

A big part of achieving weight loss goals is to ensure you are moving enough throughout your week. To ensure we hit the required amount of activity we record daily steps to the crew.


Knowing what supplements that works for you is important. We will conduct a full assessment to help you decide on what supplements you should take.


The key to success is the accountability of the coach and group environment with daily guidance check ins and fortnightly individual meetings. We help you get your dream results!


A smarter, more systemized approach to programming for weight loss, strength, and longevity.

Dynamic Warm up (PPSC)

This is more than a warm up. The start of our sessions resets all the areas that get tight from day to day life and prepare your body and mind ready for the workout.

We use targeted foam for rolling and stretching to help you achieve a better body tone, corrective and activation movements so that your muscles can readily move, finishing with movement pattern development and nervous system activation to ensure you are jumping into the workout.


This is where we build a strong body. Our Functional Strength & Conditioning targets the foundational movements you need to perform great at life. It includes movements like Squat, Bench Press, Rows and Romanian DeadLifts. With the best part being that exercises are modified to suit where you are at with your strength, mobility and stability. For instance, The movement will be the same just the way you do it may be slightly different meaning we progress in movement ability as well as strength.

Power Zone

This area starts to get the heart rate up and works on specific muscle parts like the glutes and arms. Get ready to do some exercises you know and some you have never seen before. The great part of this section is that you can improve by going faster or by increasing resistance giving the body long lasting results.

Athletic Zone

Our Smart conditioning program aims to get the most fat loss and fitness. This helps not just to make you sweat but to actually make you more athletic. You can do so much more if needed whether taking kids in the park at basketball or chase down that runaway trolley.

Here is a few of our Transformations.

Claudia Duve

  • Lost 35 Kg
  • Previous nursing background that included 12 hours shifts
  • Regained her love for healthy food and training
  • Has now competed in the Australasian physique competition
    in the Philippines
  • Is now a coach at Clean Shred and inspiring others to transform.


  • Lost 15 % Body Fat
  • Lost 10 Kg
  • Previous gun soccer player and working for Football NSW
  • Become a much better morning person
  • Looks awesome
  • See full blog and video


  • Lost 5.7% Body Fat
  • Lost 8 Kg
  • Training for a Europe holiday
  • Nutrition Overhaul
  • Has amazing fitness, mobility and strength.



  • 6 – Week Duration
  • Initial Consultation and weekly follow up with Shred Coach’s (Value $199)
  • Transformation training, eating and supplement plan ($150/week)
  • Unlimited Team training Sessions, Yoga and full membership (Value $390)
  • Email Content (recorded for convenient viewing) (Value $100)

Carolyn talks through the training and results at Clean shred.

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