How do you start your day?

Do you hit snooze 5 times and stay under the covers hoping work will be cancelled? Do you drag yourself out of bed and keep your head down until you find your first coffee?

We believe the way you start your day predetermines how the rest of your day will go want to show you a better way of starting your day with this part 1 of Live Awesome tips.


Start your day Better!

Warm water, Sea salt with Lime or Lemon (No Tequila 🙂

  • Kickstart your digestion – Giving the body digestible fibre and increase liver enzymes will ensure your body will be functioning well.
  • Hydration – Containing Potassium, electrolytes and magnesium he sea salt will help your body hydrate all your cells and start cleansing toxins.
  • Relieve stress – Reduce fatigue from oxidative stress with the antioxidants and citric acid from Lemon and Lime.

Squat Mobility

  • Start your day with movement! The basic bodyweight squat isn’t that simple any more so straight out of bed lets work on our squat mobility. This position will instantly tell you if your body is not in alignment and should give you an indication of what is tight, if your not sure which area needs lengthening and which needs strengthening send me a photo of the bottom position of your squat hold and i will be able to give you a plan to start correction. (see the video for regression if you cant get down into the bottom of the squat)

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