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Starting your Transformation

As a coach i want you to be thinking that this is a life long change, nutrient dense eating and regular training will now be a part of your life forever.. Unfortunately we are impatient humans and with all the quick fix marketing around we want results instantly.

So what i do is a mixture of both, i find the one thing that will give you immediate results but will also result in that long term lifestyle change.

Step 1 is to step back and look at your current situation, quite often we can go day to day month to month without analysing our own daily habits. I use this TRANSFORMATION STARTER analyser form to firstly have a think about how my body is currently functioning and what might be causing the good and the bad.


Have a good look at yourself..

Do you have energy all day? Do you jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day? Are you happy when you look in the mirror?

What could be causing these things..

Have you created a bad habit? Are you eating enough? Are you eating the right foods at the right time? Are you spending time on yourself? Are you running on coffee? Are you winding down at night? Is your sleep shit?

How do these habits show up..

Poor digestion, shit sleep, 3pm crashes, bloating, headaches, no sex drive, increased stress, anxiety, anger, depression, alcoholism.

What do you do when these symptoms occur?

Do you go the doctor or the chemist? or do you try and figure out where you might be going wrong? Poor habits over a long time will show up in many ways its only a matter of time.

Where are you going wrong..

There are many habits that are simple to see and there are some that you have no idea they could be having an adverse effect on you but its super important you understand what is causing you problems.

How do i start?

Complete this form and see if you start to realise how some of your habits might be doing you harm?


If your not too sure then submit the form, i will have a look and give you some tips on what to change first!

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 Shred it!

Simon Bungate

Contact info@cleanshred.com.au