19 Training sessions in 6 days with Real Movement Project Coaches at one of the toughest gym’s in the world Mike’s Gym Marbella Spain.

The training was tough, there was sense of fear from everyone at a few stages in the camp, everybody pushed their own boundaries and came out the other side determined to do more in sharing a lifestyle that challenges you to do better everyday.

Here are our 6 lessons from the camp to do better in life though training, skills, movement and self belief.

  1. You can do more – Final day 6:15am (complete darkness) workout would swim around the buoy (4 x 400m) with 100 reps pushups, burpees, sit ups and air squats between each swim in the dark. I knew we had probably 30-40 minutes before it would be light I seriously questioned if i would survive. If someone panicked you would never see them and none of us had ever swam that sort of distance (1600m) ever let alone in the dark. Keegan Smith announced “Is anyone truly scared for their life? Everybody thought yes but no one said a word.  What seemed scary turned into just FKN do it, In we jumped the water was so warm and it wasn’t that scary being in the dark once you got going. The fear and adrenaline made it fun and exciting and as the sun came up and each 400m swim was completed just knowing hey its actually not that hard and I can complete it. It was a challenge but definitely not the hardest workout I’ve ever done. It got me thinking what else do I not do because I think I can’t? We create mental barriers in our mind that hold us back from getting the most out of life. What seemed crazy hard before hand, once completely were not so hard after all and it made me realise that there are so many things that without the external pressure and motivation of a coach and team mates we would just say no to. We simply wouldn’t consider it.                      Spain blog Cover
  2. Challenge yourself to complete a minimum amount of time on one skill every day -This isn’t much but i know if i start with this everyday i know that i will probably push through to do more. The side effect of doing something everyday too improve yourself will also limit the negative thoughts that come about when you are stuck in a rut and feel like nothing is going your way. My example is handstands but it can work for any skill or thing you want to improve on by setting a habit, the plan is to set an achievable amount of time to spend on that skill for me it is 100sec worth of handstand. What is something for you to work on everyday that you know will make life normal in an un- normal way? Write it down now, start today!
  3. Don’t fuck about – Mike the owner of Mikes gym has one philosophy and that is “don’t fuck about” He is 52 and a ripped man mountain with a very successful business, you can clearly see that much of his success comes from his attitude, his lead by example and his ripped up physique. He rips into his training like no other and will be a favourite coming into the master OCR world Champs. What would you say your current philosophy on life is today? You can change it tomorrow? i will be stepping it up to push myself harder and raise the levels of performance from all of those around me.           RMP Spain
  4. Always happy but never satisfied – Looking forward to your next goal without realising how far you have come or enjoying the journey is one mistake i often make. Trips like this get you fired up for the next step but also give you the opportunity to look back to how far you have come, daily grateful logs and weekly shout outs to those who support you have been my most successful way of achieving this in the past and i will put these back into my weekly schedule on my return.
  5. Life can be tough but its easier if you share – A big part of the camp was sharing your own story, challenges and successes with the group.Its amazing how powerful sharing with a group can be, your successes seem more successful, your challenges seem clearer and your emotions can jump out for everybody to see. The lesson in this is to talk to share and be open, we are all trying to do our best in this life and no doubt everyone i know only wants to help each other and make it the best life it can be. 
  6. Build the body you need to do the things you want to do – I want to be able to do anything anytime now and in the future, be it run, swim, lift, climb, read, learn, build and think. I want every year to improve in every aspect i can and to do this i must create the best body and mind i can this means spending time on what is my most important asset Me. I must have high muscle and low fat, i must fill my mind with knowledge and make time to let it be still, i need to fuel my body with the foods to give me nutrients to complete my desired task.

Hope you enjoyed this read feel free to ask any questions below

Looking Forward to returning to Clean Shred legends who make it possible to continue to learn and follow these 6 points learnt in Spain.

      simon and Bri Mikes Gym


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Simon B / Briana H