Why do we want to start our goals in the new year? On Monday?

Why do we think it will be different in 2016?

Why didn’t we do it a week ago, a month ago, in 2015?

Who cares there is something truly magical about the start of a New year it is a feeling like anything is possible and with these 5 tips this might just be the year it happens!

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5 ways to make sure you reach your goals.

  1. Write the goal down and put it somewhere you can see it often. The place we look most often these days is definitely our phones so put the goal on the home or lock screen so you are constantly reminded about the goal and how much you want it.
  2. Promise – make a promise to yourself that this goal is important and how it will impact your life in a positive way.
  3. Process – don’t just think about the goal often that is the easy part, think about what it will take to get you in a position to act on your goals. Example goal is eating clean foods is not difficult but the process of shopping and preparing food is the challenge.
  4. Planning – once again planning the process of how you will put yourself in a position to achieve your goal will ensure that you are aware of what you need to do and how you will combat anything that could get in the way of achieving your goals. Example of eating clean again is easy but planning for what you can eat when you have meetings or away is actually the challenge.
  5. Like minded people – Join a group of people who are looking to achieve the same goal or even better already achieved the goal, the likely hood of you being successful will obviously become really high!

Happy New Year and look forward to a cracking 2016!