If this is what can be achieved with 4 weeks of training at Clean Shred, imagine the change in 8 weeks, 6 months or a year. Read on to see how Sarah has lost 2kg of fat mass, gained 1kg of muscle, dropped her body fat percentage, is sleeping better, moving better and changing her mind-set in just 4 weeks.

Results –

  • The numbers – Lost 1.4% of her body fat percentage
    • She has gained 1kg of muscle gain and dropped almost 2kg in fat mass
  • Lifestyle improvements – Sleep, nutrition, less alcohol, more water, injury rehab and prevention
  • Goals – Chin up
    • Running without knee pain
    • Bikini ready for summer
    • Show her two boys she is a boss mum
  • Mentality – Sarah’s mind-set on training, nutrition and lifestyle is changing. She is coming into the gym motivated and ready to train.

Sarah Before Clean Shred –

Sarah walked into the gym with her husband Shaun who was quite keen to join up, alternatively Sarah seemed hesitant and less enthused to make training apart of their family lifestyle. She made it clear that she was after results and didn’t want this to be like ‘just another bootcamp’. I assured her it would be nothing like a bootcamp and following her first session was assured that training at Clean Shred is on a whole other level.

Sarah works full time and has two young boys who both play weekend sport and have weekday afternoon training sessions. Making time to train herself has not been a priority, however this attitude is quickly changing.

Sarah’s goals are to lose excess body fat around her stomach hips and legs as well as increase her upper body strength and be bikini ready, however there are many lifestyle factors that she is now realising can change also through consistency and confidence in training. As Sarah says ‘I’m losing my jiggles”.

Initial Consult –

We found a few common problems, from which we came up with a plan to try and turn it around.

  1. Injury leading to a lack of training

Sarah had injured her knee at the start of this year whilst running, something she really enjoyed doing. Following the injury she has not trained.

  • Solution
  • Resistance training. Sarah has been training 3 times per week and it shows. We are introducing new lower body movements every week to test her knee out and also build strength and stability to the area, her knee is feeling good.

Her body soon started to build muscle and cut back body fat as a result of doing something she had never done much of before.

  1. Sleep

Sarah was sleeping 5 to 6 hours per night on a good night. Falling to sleep was taking hours and then she was waking at about 3am every morning.

Sleep is so important to gaining muscle, dropping body fat and eating well.

  • Solution
  • To assist Sarah in getting to sleep we spoke about implementing a pre-bed time routine, additionally she has tried some supplementation pre-bed to use nutrition to calm the mind and body.
  1. Nutrition and Water intake

Sarah has a very positive energy however she was finding her energy was fading in the afternoons. We found that she was not drinking anywhere near enough water, which is essential to all bodily functions and energy levels.

  • Solution
  • To increase her food intake in the morning, the right foods early in the day will set your blood sugar levels and increase your brain function to ensure more level energy throughout the day. Starting the day with water has also worked.

Sarah now and moving forward

We have seen improvements in lifestyle, body composition and energy levels in such a short time with Sarah, I’m looking forward to seeing what she can achieve in the next 4 weeks, 6 months and a year. She is making training a part of her lifestyle.

  • She is motivated to train and enjoying herself. Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy.
  • She is sleeping much better, which is helping with energy levels.
  • She is lifting heavier weights and moving well.
  • She has some clear performance goals (show her boys a chin-up).
  • She is looking to be bikini ready for summer.

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* Results may vary. Results are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed. A positive attitude is required.