Pre summer Training Program

Quote of the Month.

“Be Humble, Be Hungry, and always the hardest worker in the room” The Rock


Day 1

Intro – This program has a couple of personal best efforts at the start and then take a few pages out of the original CS training plan known to shred up body fat like no other.

Testing / Skill (5min)

Juggling Partner 2 ball 1 hand

Soccer Juggle – max touches


Forward Bend, couch, Wall back bend

roll backs and rotations, glute crab walks, Harrop curls (like Nordics) (7min)

Warm up circuit 2 x 6 reps (light) on tempo 3.hold.3.1 (No increase in weight during rounds)

Penally Row

OH Squat

Cuban rotations

Testing (Leaders Board)

Max Chin up reps (1 effort) Full extension

Max Squat reps (2minutes) ( 1 x  Bodyweight)

Strength ab Circuit

45sec / 30sec (15sec change over) 3 rounds

Oh Plate step up 1 leg up 2 legs down alt leg

Bar Roll outs

Step up jumps (full hip and ankle ext)

Bench Monkey crunches

Side Deltoid raise

Side planks raise

Plyo push up star

Cradle rocks

Bar Bicep Curls

Toes to Bar

Band crab walk

d.b abs rotation

Tabata (if time)

20 on 10 off

Boxing / Skipping / Sprints


Day 2

Intro – Dead lift technique push circuit and a tough team body comp relay to finish


Couch, Wall back bend

roll backs and rotations, glute crab walks, Harrop curls (7min)

Break group into two

a. Testing / Hang max (2min)

Reaction ball – Partner wall (Stimulate the brain and fast twitch muscle fibres)

b. Explosive (2min) learn full hip ext

Hip extension box Jump 5 x 5

Strength Tech (18mins) Remind them to chill out take their time and get it right / Have some good chilled beats playing.

Deadlift Tech working in reps of 5,5,5,3,3,3 (reps of 3 until end of 18mins)

Body Comp (15 min)

Barbell Bench Press 5reps tempo

single d.b OH walking lunge 10reps

Chest ball wall throws for height. 5 reps (Goal meters)

REST – as soon as the whole group is back ready

Body Comp Team Relay ( 3 groups same strength in same lane) (groups of 6 or less) 10min

D.B SH Press

Lunge Jump

Triceps Push up

Ski erg

Prowler push (is the timer for group change, no one in the group can stop lifting until the prowler is back)


Mobility Quads, Back, Rotation


Day 3 Obstacle / All in

Intro – Challenge your body to real world strength and achieve things you thought impossible.

How to move and control thrown into all out HIIT!

Movement mobility (Ido Portal)

Gymnastic (10min)

Hand balance

arch Body

prone arch

D.B sit up kneel through

Frog planche

L – sit to tuck planche

Straight arm Box hold

Wall Toe pulls

Handstand challenge

Ring strength (10min)

German dip??

False Grip hang


Archer pulls

Peg wall lifts (dragons)

Rope Climb (hang)

1 arm band chin ups (Chin up holds)

Obstacle Course (10min) Leaders board

Dip bar walk

Small Wall

Muscle Clean and Press x 3 / Dead Lift 3

Bench chest down jump over 3 / Jump over 3

Side ride crawl under walk

Plate frog jump

Peg wall half climb / Peg wall climb across

Rope climb monkey bar down

Ring swing.

HIIT (20min) Obstacle special.

Obstacle, HIIT, Gymnastics


Day 4

Introduction – To work hard on our front rack mobility and learn to use our core.

Strength is our front squat and back squat broken up by chin ups.

We are then going to work on some power squats at an achievable weight to get the technique perfect these will be superseded with d.b alt prone rows. (power clean on the even numbers row on the odd numbers)

The finisher involves skill, strength and stamina and also the ability to encourage and help your partner to get through the first 3 exercises before you can start. (Count your amount of times you finish the run to get your score)

Testing / Skill (5min)

Juggle – Time max

Gymnastics / Mobility (5 min) 45sec / 15 sec to change

Squat and reach 5 x 3 (assisted)

rack position bench and stick

Handstand  cues / wrist warm up needed

Strength (20min) Working up in weight each set / superset chin up.

Front Squat / Rack position 2 x 5 on the minute

Back squat 3 x 5

Chin Up – 5 x 5 on the minute (If less than 5 do max if able to do more than 5 add weight)

Power 2 rounds technique. Power Clean / Prone d.b row

8 min EMOM partner completes both exercises then

Even – Power Clean (option high pull or Trap bar DL) 3 reps (75%1rm)

Odd – D.B Prone row 10 reps (5 each arm)

12 minute AMRAP Leaders board with a partner complete 3 exercises then partner can start.

(results for group 1 and 2)

8 x Barbell Walking Lunge (50 / 30) (Knee to touch the ground)

8 x Burpee (chest down clap behind the head)

1 x Hand stand (5 sec free or 10sec assisted or 10 push ups)

1 x Half run (must touch the cone)

Mobility / Balance

Leg swings

Box Glute stretch 20sec holds x 3

Bar Chest stretch


Day 5


Keep your control even though the fatigue will set in this program has two solid circuits one strength and one conditioning with some accessory work in the middle to break it up.

Gymnastics / Mobility (5 min) 45sec / 15 sec to change

Shoulder dislocations 10

Squat  and reach 5 x 3 (assisted)

Lunge and reach

Speed / reaction (5min)

Ball reaction skills 2min catches Left hand / right hand

Strength Circuit 4 rounds

D.B Shoulder Press 10

Back Squats (full depth) 5

Push plyo Up 10

Sled Push Light fast 1

Back machine 10

1min recovery

Accessory x 2 (option to double up on any exercise if enough equipment)

Biceps 21s

Glute crab walk 21s

Triceps 21s

Core / Conditioning

Boxing 1min

Sled Drive Hvy Hammy pull

Speed Skip 1min

Rower sprint 200m

Sledge Hammer or Ball twist slam

Repeat X 4 1min recovery

Mobility / Balance add some gymnastics hold.

Quasi 20 sec holds x 3

Banded ankle mobility 20sec holds x 3

Box Glute stretch 20sec holds x 3

Rack position stretch

Bar Chest stretch

Shred it!

Simon Bungate