Expecting to be lying on my back gasping for air, quads burning and the call of “get up time for handstands”

What I can barely stand on my feet but in a few moments I know I will be launching into a handstand comp that I will do anything to win and most definitely break my personal record.

This August Briana and myself travel to Spain to the Real Movement Project internship.

What is it you ask?

Mikes Gym has it all Gym, weightlifting, crossfit box, Swimming pool and the infamous Outdoor Assault course.

Real Movement Project Internship at Mikes Gym.

Well being involved with Keegan Smith founder of Real Movement project for a while now the only answer I can give is to expect the unexpected. 5 days at Mikes Gym in Marbella with 18 top coaches and gym owners from Australia.

We have hosted many previous internships at Clean Shred and also attended a few in Byron Bay although everyone has a different feel you can expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally. Mikes gym will be no different.


Keegan being ex strength and conditioning coach of the Sydney Roosters there is always an element of strength and power training, known for being influenced by the Squat holiday program, German Volume training, Gymnastics bodies. old school strongman training and pretty much every known training philosophy we can expect to not accept what our bodies can currently do but push through to find new strengths.

On top of the heavy lifting we expect Juggling, athlete, gymnastics, olympic, power lifting, body weight, conditioning, swimming and of course the massive outdoor obstacle course that awaits in Mike’s Gym Marbella Spain. One thing you can be certain is that you won’t know what’s coming not months before, not on the day, not even moments before.


The fact that this week involves aspects to challenge so many variables of the mind with juggling, back flips and even rubix cube to body awareness in Hand balance, levers and mobility and overcoming fears of climbing, swimming and new movements.


Here is where most of the breakthroughs show up after pushing your body and mind to the extreme we add a dose of Wimhof inspired meditation to release all the emotional blocks that are holding us back from reaching our full potential.

So how do you write a program to try and master all these skills and keep your job / business running?

A few questions you need to ask?

  1. Do you build your strengths and leave your weaknesses? This will atlas have you going well in some events but feeling embarrassed at the events you don’t work on?
  2. Do you bring up your weakness and be well balanced across the board?

These are the two questions i had when writing my program for Spain and of course i had to factor how long i had (4 weeks) what was my current abilities (average) How much time did i have available? (limited due to Owning a gym Clean Shred and starting a new equipment company Chalk Strength)

So this was my plan.

I will try to improve on all elements even though the limited time frames by not just having training sessions but instead adding training to my day as much as i can.

  1. If i had the chance to run somewhere i would run, getting my visa for china i parked 20minutes away and ran in as hard as i could.
  2. Training – I had to get one in first thing in the day even joining another gym to ensure i can get the first thing session in. Then i would look for spots in the day i could get bonus sessions in. e.g. spending meetings doing some training, some of the best ideas came loading up the bench press.
  3. Skills breaks – Throughout the day if i was struggling to concentrate on work i would take a break and do 15min of skills. Max 4 ball Juggle, Soccer skills, Max 5 sec Handstand kick ups in 3min
  4. 1 Long run a week – Sunday is my “rest” day so i would set off with Briana and Indie and run as far as we could with a decent pace this has improved considerably over the last month considering it is only once a week.
  5. Lifting – Snatches are a favourite of Keegan and one of  my current weakness so i would schedule 2 snatch sessions every week.
  6. Computer work time would double up as mobility time working on the pancake stretch and 90/90 are my favourite actually doing it now as i type this.
  7. My Favourite has been Monkeying around on all the Chalk Strength Equipment. Workouts such as 5 Power Cleans, 3 Muscle ups, 1 Rope Climb and a warp wall run have been favourites.
  8. On top of this i have jumped in the Clean Shred Team sessions whenever i can which is the best and hardest Team training

Training like this has confirmed to me that we need an event for the CS Team to train for! Maybe next year we take a crew to Spain who would be up for that?

Changing the game.

Simon B