Dr Andreo Spina manual therapist and movement trainer is coming to Clean Shred for his first time to Australia. Simon Bungate gets a quick chat ahead of his FRC and FR lower limb seminars.

Some of the main points to listen..

1:50 Andreo talks about where it all started for him, why he started his Functional Anatomy Seminar’s and how his system works.

Healthy joints make difficult movements easy, the better the information going up the better the information coming back down.

7:12 The importance of Joint health for athlete development

10:15 Everyone should be treated like an athlete – Mobility should be treated just as importance as all other elements of training.

14:15 Thought process where the client is at, treating if needed, repairing or improving performance.

15:26 Every human needs to know what trainers know now.


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Simon Bungate

Clean Shred