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Want a program that will give you a lean athletic body? Well why not train like an Athlete!

This program is a mix of upper and lower body controlled explosive exercises that will have your fast twitch muscle fibres coming to life and shredding body fat in the process.

Fast twitch muscle fibres..

These don’t get used to much in modern day life.. How often are you completing a task absolutely as fast as you can? Do you sprint up the stairs at work? Do you spring up to your feet when you get out up from the couch?

Well maybe thats because these fast twitch muscles haven’t been activated in a while?

When will they come in handy in general life?

Think a 20m yard dash to the bus or Cat like reflexes when a cup drops off the bench..

The truth is everybody has a ratio of slow and fast twitch muscle fibres, some more fast some more slow but it doesn’t matter how your built if you don’t use it you loose it!

How its going to work?

We will be working in 20sec blocks which will means you can go as heavy or light as you want but the goal is to keep the reps fast for the whole 20 seconds. You will then have 40seconds to move the next exercise and complete another 20sec block, followed by a 1min40sec recovery.

How many reps should you do in the 20seconds?

This is where this program is great depending on your exact goals your rep range can be modified to suit you exactly. For those looking to gain strength you might not get more than 5 -7 reps out and for those looking to shred up you might get 12 – 18reps, chat to your trainer for your ideal rep range in each exercise.

Want the full Program?

Contact info@cleanshred.com.au