Colin has dropped over 12% body fat and increased 4kg muscle. Read on to find out how he decreased his training and increased his eating to get these amazing results.


  • Initial – Dropped 4kg / Lost 6 – 8% Body Fat
  • Stage 2 – Gained 6kg / Lost a further 2% Body Fat
  • Stage 3 – Gained 2kg / Lost 2% Body Fat
  • Next Goals – 160kg plus dead lift, and 100kg bench press for reps – both by the end of the year. Love to get on stage in 2016 and do a fitness model comp

Colin Before Clean Shred

I would see Colin in the gym every morning doing some weights then some cardio and then he would take part in the gyms Boot Camp and sometimes back into the gym for Treadmill and some sprints. I remember thinking to myself, “man – this guy was training 2-3 hours a day but yet his body didn’t match the efforts”?

I watched him do this for months before I finally got the chance to do a Clean Shred consult with him, this included a Bioprint Assessment and Lifestyle Screening where we would determine the primary factors hindering results.

Colin was a person with a lot of drive, I could see a real fire, a determination, a belief in him that he could achieve anything. However there was a frustration that he wasn’t getting the rewards for his efforts.

Colin’s goal was to lose body fat and build muscle – his appearance was a skinny upper body and was carrying excess body fat around the stomach, hips and legs.

Initial Consult

We found a few common problems, from which we came up with a plan to try and turn it around.

1. Sickness
Colin had just come off a really bad sickness a possible sign that something was wrong with his training / nutrition balance.

Possibly the high level of training, lack of nutrients / calories in his diet was putting constant stress on his body, this would lead to a low immune system and result in being more susceptible to illness.

  • Solution
    Post a long period of antibiotics it is important to increase your probiotics as these are destroyed by antibiotics. This includes supplementation and increase in Probiotics enhancing foods like sauerkraut and kimchi.

2. Over Training / Under Eating
Simply training too much to keep the intensity high enough for changes and not eating enough calories or nutrients to survive let alone get the benefits of all this training.

  • Solution
    We cut the training to one hour and the focus was to be 80% resistance training 20% HIIT. Colin was set up on an eating plan slowly getting his calories up to a rate that matched his efforts, all good clean foods with the right macro content at each meal.

His body soon started to build muscle and cut back body fat.

3. Sleep
Colin was training weights 5-6 times a week and Cardio 4-5 all off the back of bad night sleep, Wow! He would get up 2-3 times to urinate.

The question is are you getting up to go to the toilet? or are you waking up and then thinking i must have to go the toilet? either way sleep is so important to gaining muscle, dropping, body fat and eating well.

  • Solution
    To improve sleep quality adding sweet potato to pre bed meal and including magnesium and zinc supplements before bed.

4. Energy
Colin was eating very good foods but it simple wasn’t enough especially around the workout, this would leave him hitting a wall in hard in the afternoons feeling flat and often braking his good eating from craving sugary foods.

  • Solution
    To increase the amount of food in the morning, the right foods early in the day will set your blood sugar level and increase your brain function to ensure more level energy throughout the day.

5. Fat Burners
To try and drop body fat a ‘Fat Burner’ product was added to the mix. Fat Burners when your caloric levels are already is tricking your body into an energy spike without any food, this could cause an overly high insulin spike and promote 3pm energy drops, sugar cravings, decreased testosterone and fat storage.

Colin Now

This has definitely been a continual process of adjusting foods supplements and training but he is now a completely different person and we are very excited to see Colin continue to set and smash goals.

  • He now has got his body in a state where he uses carbohydrates for energy and gains.
  • His re-load meals serve to help him regulate his metabolic rate.
  • He concentrates on weights and HIIT cardio which continues to increase muscle whilst getting leaner.
  • He sleeps all the way through and has energy throughout the day.
  • He is lifting heavier and getting fitter every week.
  • Has many goals that would have seemed impossible 18months ago including a competing in Fitness comp in 2016!

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* Results may vary. Results are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed. A positive attitude is required.