Test yourself with the style of training Australia’s best strength coaches are programming for their athletes! This program was written shortly after attending the real movement project internship with Keegan Smith and a few of Australia’s leading coaches. This style of program is a regular in the house of Shred!

Body Comp – TPM (Timed Progression Method)

This is a program that has a little bit of everything compound, Isolation, power and some gymnastics with the consistent theme being that you work for 5 minute periods at a time with varied rest periods. It is a modified version of the training i am currently using with the NYC Tigers and used by Roosters strength coach Keegan Smith.

How to get the most out of it…

The goal is to get as close to the suggested amount of reps in the given time e.g. 25 in 5 minutes 45 in a minute etc if you are close to this number than you are hitting the right energy system for that exercise. If you can do many more reps than we suggest the weight is too light and if you can’t get anywhere near the number the weight is too heavy.

Progression is made each week by doing a couple more reps or increasing the weight to get similar numbers.

Throw in some Handstand Progressions, our new Shred HIIT Boxed Out Sessions and the popular Mobility Sessions and it should be a great month for some serious GAinZ in all areas.

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