Cang has mastered his first muscle up and hit well over double his bodyweight on the deadlifts, whilst dropping body fat by 4% and increasing his muscle mass. Read on to find out how he INCREASED his EATING to get these amazing results.


    • Dropped 4% body fat – now at 14%


  • Achieved first muscle up
  • Lifting over double bodyweight on deadlifts – increased his one rep maximum by over 60kg
  • Positive role model for his family – Cang’s wife has joined Clean Shred and his 3 boys regularly come down with him to the gym to watch mum and dad in action. His sons all lead very active lives as well.


Cang Before Clean Shred

Cang came down to the gym with his wife one weekend, initially they were looking for a gym for her to join. In the end, Cang signed up first, partly I think driven by seeing all the awesome equipment available at Clean Shred. Cang was looking to take his training to the next level, and we can see in his results that he has definitely done that!


Initial Consult

We found a few common problems, from which we came up with a plan to try and turn things around.

Structured Training

Cang had gym memberships in the past, however had not made the progress in both skill development and strength increases that he was clearly capable of.

  • Solution
  • Cang has thrived in the group training environment at Clean Shred. Our programs operate in 4 – 5 week cycles which allow our members the opportunity to progress each week.

He has been setting personal bests left right and centre, his improved energy levels have meant he has been able to practice a number of skills before and after class to increase his rate of development.

Under Eating

Cang was generally eating good foods but it simply wasn’t enough, especially around the workout, this would leave him hitting a wall in hard in the afternoons and feeling flat.

  • Solution
  • To increase the amount of food in the morning, the right foods early in the day will set your blood sugar level and increase your brain function to ensure more level energy throughout the day.

Cang Now

  • Cang is one of the strongest and fittest members in the Clean Shred community
  • Fuelling his body with the nutrients he needs has helped him sustain great energy around a high pressure corporate role, a busy family life and to achieve some fantastic feats in the gym
  • Cang is a great role model for his family, and a great support for the rest of the community