Could poor sleep be holding you back from achieving your goals? 


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Welcome to the big house of shred where this week we chat about sleep and how it can effect your efforts in fat loss or any goal that requires you to perform at your best.

Chronically poor sleep can hugely undo your efforts.

Heres how:

  • Down regulates Leptin which is out satiety hormone that tell our body when we’ve had enough food to stop eating.
  • It up regulates Ghrelin which is our hunger hormone.
  • It lowers your morning cortisol which is the the stress hormone responsible for waking you up in the morning. You want this to be highest in the morning roughly between 6am and 8am. This helps you wake up with energy in the morning. If this is low, your energy will be to.

These 3 hormonal disruptions will leave you extremely low in energy, constantly struggling to get out of bed but most importantly, hungry, craving sugar constantly and likely binging as you are unable to control your appetite.

You can see how this creates a vicious cycle for people trying to stick to a fat loss plan. Falling off track, undoing all the hard work, beat themselves up and do it all over again.

Plan your wind down time and nail your sleep to ensure your next day is on point!

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Briana, Simon & Team

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