Quick Facts

  • Clean Shred Coach / Director
  • Expert in hormonal balance, optimal digestive function and difficult fat loss cases
  • Over 8 years Trainer experience at the age of 26
  • Briana has worked with pretty much every sort of client from children to obese individuals to fitness models
  • She is extremely passionate about nutrition and supplementation for optimal health. Helping people look awesome, feel energetic and live full and productive lives

Briana has over 8 years of experience as a Coach in the industry and has amazing energy and passion for what she does. Her drive to build her knowledge by learning from the best in the world gives her an advantage to take clients health and body composition to the next level.

Teaming together the expertise of herself and Simon Bungate they have been able to create an amazing facility that boasts hard work and big results. With a vast knowledge in the area of precise nutrition for fat loss, hypertrophy and body composition she can program for any goal and get the results clients never thought possible.

Her approach is to tackle body composition from a holistic angle where to get your body working in harmony by getting lifestyle, nutrition and training on point to achieve whatever you are after. She believes if you fuel and care for your body it will achieve anything.


  • Cert 4 Fitness
  • Kettebell and Boxing Instructor
  • Level 1 Certificate of Nutrition
  • Poliquin Biosignaiture Practitioner
  • Strength Sensei Bioprint Practitioner
  • Strength Sensei  Advanced Nutrition and Training for Fat Loss
  • CHPC Advanced Training for Hypertrophy
  • CHPC Advanced Program Design for Fat Loss
  • CHPC Advanced Nutritional programming for Fat loss and hypertrophy
  • CHPC Lab Analysis for Personal Trainers

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