The amazing results we’ve achieved in our Team Training program confirms we have created the best results based training and nutrition system for group training.


Team Training Sessions

Our daily scheduled Team Training sessions combine an addictive fusion of explosive strength and cardio workouts to induce lean muscle development, blast calories and heighten mobility.


Nutritional Plan

Your Nutrition Plan will be as specific and detailed as required for your goals. We provide you with shopping lists, specific foods, meal timing, cooking techniques, cleansing foods and much more.

Lifestyle Consult

The true key to getting your results is understanding where you are, what has lead you to get there and what are the most important changes required to get
your results.

Our Charles Poliquin designed Bioprint lean body mass testing, lifestyle questionnaire and mobility screening ensure a complete body and mind check before starting, Think of this as analysing your life and what effect it is having on your body, you probably do this quite often with your car, business, finances etc but how often do you do it with your most important asset – your health?

Once a clear goal is set we will map out a pathway to reach that ultimate goal by breaking it up into small achievable targets that will make the process seem easy.


Supplement Protocol

Our supplement protocols are designed to bring your body to optimum function, the world we live in has left many of us lacking many essential nutrients and minerals that may be inhibiting the bodies ability to function properly leading to storing of body fat, poor digestion, lack of energy, limited sleep and hormonal issues. Our supplement protocol are designed to decrease body fat storage, increase muscle development and provide an overall better quality of life.


We believe knowledge is power and the more we can teach our clients on health, wellness and fitness the longer lasting their results will be. We run seminars on a range of topics including Fat loss, Hormones, Cooking workshops, Strength for sport, injury prevention, supplements etc. Keep an eye on our Events page for the next seminar / webinar.


Extras Training Plan

If you want extra training sessions we will design you a specialised program that can target specific body parts, work on weaknesses, provide more flexibility or just provide you with more. This often includes sports specific, extra ab / cardio routines or mobility for previous injuries.


Social Events

We love our fitness and we love our fun so regular social events are also a must on the Clean Shred calendar. Join in on our charity fund raisers, dinners and parties to meet new friends and hang out with your gym buddies in a social environment.

Sign Up

To sign up to our Team Training program, either call us on 02 8850 4381 or fill out the form below. Our results manager will then contact you and finalise the sign up from there.

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