Our Athlete Development program “Shred Athlete” is designed to make you faster and better at your sport. We have had many athletes from various sports compete at international levels and turn professional in their given sports.

Firstly we will take the athlete through our initial consult to uncover the best plan to improve speed and performance. This includes movement limitations, strength imbalances, recovery, nutrition and mindset strategies.

Next you will be required to pass through our 6 phase start up program which covers the basic principles of movement. This will take different times depending on athlete starting point, some take weeks, some months and some are already past this level.

Squad – Once approved you will be put into one of our squads that will suit your needs and schedule, although working with other athletes each individual is considered and programmed for with their specific needs and sporting requirements.

Squads include Junior 8 – 12 Youth 13 – 18 Open 21+


For more info and apply for a consult email or text msg Simon on 0407222731



Developed by Simon Bungate coach to some of Australia’s most elite track and rugby league athletes this cutting edge program includes mobility, movement patterns, pre-hab, strength lifts, power lifts, plyometrics, track speed, agility drills, nutrition, supplements and recovery. Presented either in the purpose built Clean Shred facility by expert coaches Jon Sakr and Nolan Cody or follow online with the training app providing all programs and detailed exercises for every exercise, movement and specified athlete nutrition.


What You’ll Learn

  • Why mobility could be holding you back.
  • What lifts are best for real strength.
  • Powerful plyometrics and when it is most beneficial.
  • How to convert strength into speed.
  • Optimum sports nutrition for performance and recovery.
  • What supplements will actually benefit you.
  • Recovery techniques to ensure repeated results.


Book a Consult

To book a consult for our Athlete / Sporting Team program, either call us on 02 8850 4381 or fill out the form below. Our results manager will then contact you and finalise the sign up from there.

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