It’s time for your workplace to unearth its inner athlete. There is no question that a healthy workplace is a more productive one.

Creating the environment that fosters a healthy workplace is a much harder question. Our four step program will give you and your staff every opportunity to increase potential to feel better.


Its sad but we don’t know what to eat, we don’t know how to de-stress, we don’t understand the importance of sleep and we don’t priorities exercise high enough in our daily lives.  So firstly we equip you with this knowledge and the tools to improve all those areas of your life.


Everybody should be able to move freely without restrictions but unfortunately this is not the case. Our Physiotherapist presented mobility and movement sessions will relieve pain, increase range of motion and have you moving better instantly.


If you are not getting stronger you are getting weaker.. It is a simple fact that after the age of 25 your muscles and bone will start to deteriorate if not used. We know you don’t need to break world records but being and feeling strong will not only help your body but also create a sharper mind.


Nutrient dense whole foods is what we recommend for optimum body and mind function. Learning what to buy, how to cook for a family and what to eat with a busy schedule is what we teach. Food is information and learning what to eat, when to eat and the effect on the body is guaranteed to improve performances in the workplace.

What You’ll Learn

  • Mobility in the workplace.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Core movement patterns.
  • Essential strength exercises.
  • Safe conditioning.
  • Supplement requirements.
  • Recovery and stress management.

What’s Included

Workplace Health Assessments

  • Physiotherapist movement and mobility
  • Coach consult covering health, sleep, recovery, digestion, hormones and toxicity

Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset Seminars

  • Delivered by our experienced coaches, athletes and successful health conscious CEO’s
  • Covering the importance of mind set, preparation, fitness, recovery and nutrition for optimum brain function

Team Fitness / Bootcamp Sessions

  • Training session adjustable to all levels to promote a strong team atmosphere
  • Learn the importance of correct movement and lifting techniques
  • Learn the best training styles for functional fitness

Training and Nutrition Challenge

  • 1 month monitored training challenge with our Clean Shred App (options for all fitness levels)
  • Comprehensive eating plan, E-recipe book, supplement guide and shopping list

Team Building Adventure Sessions

  • Options for one day challenges and multiple day retreats

Sign Up

To sign up to our Corporate program, either call us on 02 8850 4381 or fill out the form below. Our results manager will then contact you and finalise the sign up from there.

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