Coldogblog – Stop

Coldogblog – Stop

Coach Col Dog’s Tip of the Week

S T O P 🛑 ✋

So much to do all of the time! So much I should be doing! I don’t have time to rest!

🛑 Rewards lie on the other side of hard work. I am a super strong believer in this, when it’s go time, it’s go time! One thing I have realised over the years however is that you can’t be on all of the time, factoring in some recovery is key to being able to sustain those big efforts to get to where you want to be.

🛑 Working in the fitness industry, we emphasise the importance of sleep and recovery as part of maintaining optimum health and fitness levels. Muscles repair and grow after your workouts – so taking time to recover well is key – same goes for any aspect of life in my view – recovery is 🔑 to regenerate and grow!

🛑 Tips on stopping:

💥 Plan it in to your week – shit doesn’t happen unless you prioritise it! Give yourself something to look forward to.

💥 Stopping should take whatever form you want – if you like yoga, go do yoga; meditate, watch tv, go for a walk, read a book, go for a drive – whatever helps your mind stop and helps you just be – do that!

💥 Each day I ensure that I stop at regular intervals – back in my corporate days I’d have lots of water breaks, the odd meal break and sometimes just stare out the window for a bit – now I’ll go shoot some hoops, do some mobility, play with the dogs etc – doesn’t need to be for long, and I’ve found it makes my go time more productive and more effective – not to mention the positive impact on my state of mind!!

✋✋ What do you do that helps you stop?? ✋✋

Colin Barnes

Personal Trainer



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