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S E L F  D E V E L O P M E N T

Yesterday my wife and I attended an event featuring a huge source of motivation for me – Gary Vaynerchuk – there were a number of great speakers during the day, including the founder of Boost Juice, it was a great day and well timed to give me that extra push through to Christmas!!

The reality of these events is that not every person is going to resonate with you, people might have a different definition of success to you and their methods to get to an end goal that’s the same as yours might be completely different – BUT I have walked away from these events in the past with plenty of good thoughts, some common themes that sometimes reinforce I’m on the right track or make me adjust my thinking, and also push me to EXECUTE more often!!

So what were the common themes and pieces of gold that I scribbled down yesterday? What I love about this stuff is it’s the big picture thinking, plus the reminder that ultimately you need to be a practitioner and not just a pontificator!!

  • everyone that spoke came from very little in the traditional sense of wealth. They found their passion and worked incredibly hard to get to where they are now – hard work always pays in the long run 👊🏻
  • Albert Einstein said he wasn’t the smartest person, he just stayed with problems longer – perseverance is important
  • Gary V is an incredibly grateful person and a straight talker – he calls everything as he sees it which I respect massively – but comes from a basis of gratitude – often referring to the odds of us just being on the planet as a human being. As he said yesterday – happiness at $100k is often much greater than happiness at $1M.
  • Greg Secker summed up mindset for me really well – Your behaviour is consistent with your perception of your identity. Your mind is your greatest weapon – making it work for you is KEY to your success. Janine Allis emphasised the same point – what you think is what you are.
  • Deb Farnworth-Wood talked about her career experiences providing her with the knowledge to create a business worth $70m when she moved to Australia originally with the intention of retiring – education comes in many forms – investing in your own education is a common theme – be it with time or money. Gary Vee always talks about taking your time to work your life out – try lots of things, find your happy place in this world.
  • Your number one asset is time – we all have the same amount of it – how do you choose to spend it? How much are you making of your time? How many hours do you “waste” per week?
  • The most poignant comment of the whole day for me came from Gary – Success is being happy when you wake up in the morning. Watching a guy worth $150M plus flipping stuff he buys at garage sales because it’s fun to him underlies this truth. I hope you woke up happy today and wake up tomorrow just as happy! 😊🙏🏻

Colin Barnes

Personal Trainer



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