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From pretty early on in life, we all have opportunities to be leaders, you often hear people talk about someone having “leadership qualities” or showing “great leadership” – this week I thought I’d share my thoughts on all things leadership.

👨🏻‍✈️ I have been super fortunate all through life to have some amazing leaders to look up to and this post is as much about gratitude for their contribution as it is about what I think makes a great leader

💪🏻 The earliest memory for me was wrestling my dad with my brother and watching him just press us over his head whenever he wanted to – I knew I wanted to be PHYSICALLY STRONG & HEALTHY – my love for exercise as a result has never diminished.

🏏 Another early memory for me was maybe year 7 at high school, playing tip n run cricket for PE and being left at the crease with the only people left to come in being guys who never had played the game before – I had to show leadership to get us through the game and we ended up winning – you can lead through YOUR ACTIONS.

👨🏻‍💼 I spent 11 years in my first job out of school, after applying for about 50 – I met with a man who was ready to give me an opportunity and drilled the importance of hard work into me by just constantly GETTING SHIT DONE – even as a partner in the firm, he seemed to work harder then everyone else there ALL of the time.

⚽️ On my first day at a new job several years ago, the CEO took me around to meet the 50 odd staff that worked in the organisation – as we would move between departments, he would run me through who I was about to meet and give me some quick background about each one of them on a personal level – his ability to RELATE TO PEOPLE will always stick with me.

✅ A manager I worked for back in my chartered accounting days was always really good at keeping things “just so” fastidious about presentation and organisation, he always seemed to be IN CONTROL and knew when to absorb stress and when to pass on a bit to us to ensure we hustled! We also shared passion for expensive cars, not super relevant to this post but it did push me to always go after what I want and not be apologetic about wanting things just so.

⚠️ ACCOUNTABILITY – working for a sales based organisation, I reported in to a CEO that would always go into bat for anyone in the organisation – the buck was never passed, it rested with him, no excuses. The impact on the solidarity of our team was immense.

👨‍🍳 A strategic planning exercise I was involved in several years ago was super effective because the facilitator was able to keep everyone coming back to the VISION/BIG PICTURE – challenging everyone’s tendency to go back to the micro, she kept bringing us back to big picture and helped us establish some clear strategy and process to lead the organisation with, this added lots of stability and helped the organisation achieve many great things.

🤬 Perhaps the most liberating thing I have done career development wise was buying into an externally facilitated exercise in culture change. The facilitator of all of this got us to have some DIFFICULT conversations – CHALLENGED our SELF AWARENESS and was incredibly honest about his experiences in life – it was super evident this was how he lived his life and for me it looked like a better way to live my life – perhaps the main reason why because he is incredibly AUTHENTIC and didn’t shy away from being true to himself.

Like everything in life (including reading this blog in full haha) we have choices – I have cherry picked qualities I admire in others and tried to emulate them to be the best I can be. The reverse is true also in that certain elements aren’t who I am, so I don’t try or prioritise development in those areas. I’ve also learnt heaps from stuffing up plenty.

Chances are you lead a lot more people then you think – chase that greatness!!

Colin Barnes

Personal Trainer



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