Coldogblog – Your Best Year Yet

Coldogblog – Your Best Year Yet

Coach Col Dog’s Tip of the Week

W A N T  A  G R E A T 2019??? B A C K  E N D Y O U R  2018

The end of another year is almost on us, Christmas parties have started, school holidays are around the corner, you can feel people winding down. Having said that, I know there are plenty of people where this is a crazy time of year for their businesses too, so winding down is not an option in the short term.

Having been on this planet for over 40 years now (mostly haha), I thought I’d share my thoughts on the change of years, setting yourself up for your best year yet, having a break etc etc

😅 EXECUTE – don’t be shy about getting shit done, anything you do now is something you don’t have to do later. I always set goals early in the new year – invariably though you are more likely to accomplish them if you’ve made headway on them beforehand.

💪🏻 Worried about going backwards with your fitness over the Christmas season? Hold onto your habits as best you can, keep your body moving whenever the opportunity presents itself – it doesn’t always have to be inside the gym! Use the warmer weather to your advantage and get outside!

🍹 Be mindful of your calorie intake – I am the last person to deny myself anything when it comes to food – I eat plenty of food at Christmas as I love all of it, and happily demolish cake at birthdays. The reality for a lot of people is that they put weight on over the holiday season and it does not come off. In its simplest form this is caused by an excess of calories consumed vs calories burned. 2 simple steps to take here:

1️⃣ INCREASE your activity ⬆️ burn more calories every day – walk further, push harder in the gym, go for some sprints at lunchtime

2️⃣ PLAN – having a big lunch/dinner etc – reduce your calories in your other meals where you need to – keep your protein and healthy fats coming, and eat all of the veggies in at least one of your meals!!

✅ I employ these tactics whenever I go on holidays, our honeymoon a couple of years back included France and Italy, I was able to offset my consumption of ALL of the food and ALL of the alcohol through keeping mindful of movement and smashing veggies at least once a day = BALANCE 🙏🏻

😌 GUILT – this emotion can destroy you on so many levels when it is a prolonged feeling. I am taking a week off work in December and I CAN NOT wait – I will be able to enjoy that more by putting the work in all the way up to my last day, there is still SO much I want to do, and any head starts I can manage in between now and then will make for an epic start to 2019, and a great finish to 2018 – plus let me enjoy my time away with ZERO guilt. 😎

Colin Barnes

Personal Trainer



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