Coldogblog – Getting Through Winter

Coldogblog – Getting Through Winter

Coach Col Dog’s Tip of the Week


Winter took it’s time coming this year – but safe to say after the last few weeks that we are now in the thick of it. Seasonally a tougher time to train through, it’s cold so it takes longer to warm up, everything hurts a bit more, bed is comfortable, resolve is definitely tested to stay consistent and push through.

If I had it my way, I would definitely migrate north every winter, and while that is a goal for now, what do I do combat winter and maintain habits in the meantime?

A bit of a random collection of thoughts on how to best overcome the challenges not just in winter, but when stuff gets hard:

  • WHY – what are you trying to achieve? What is the goal? Having a focus on that goal can work two ways – your habits can move you closer to the goal or further away. Dropping 5kg, adding weight to your squat etc – exercise 4 times a week – miss the gym twice and you’re further away from your goal for that week. When I was struggling to overcome some poor nutrition habits, I’d often remind myself before I hit the drive through that it was taking me further away from the physique I wanted, as a result I would go and make a healthier choice.
  • PLAN – for years I did an outdoor bootcamp all year round – rain/cold/heat – whatever, it just became a thing I did – Wednesday morning, time to train – temperature etc didn’t enter into it – that was the plan for the day, it was first thing in the morning, and set up my day. Plan and COMMIT – pay off is always worth it!
  • Use your CIRCLE – find people to keep you ACCOUNTABLE – be it your PT, the coach who runs your group sessions, your running partner, get your spouse/brother/whoever on board – say our loud to them “I’m going to the gym tomorrow” – sometimes we are more worried about letting others down beyond ourself, so this can work well. Can’t think of anyone to help you?? Post something on social media – the internet is forever as we know – someone will ask you down the line how things are going, use that to drive you.
  • Be HONEST with yourself – how bad do you want it? What’s the trade off if you don’t take action? Sometimes it is hard to jump forward to the emotions that your future self might feel, but I would definitely use the shitty feelings that I had from missing a commitment to myself to push me when it all seems to hard – the satisfaction from ticking another session off was always higher.

Some TIPS to get you moving in the morning:

  • ◦Alarm clock on the other side of the room – make sure you can’t reach it without getting out of bed
  • ◦Set the timer on your air con/heater etc to come on before you get up, take some of the edge off the cold
  • ◦Have everything ready to go – I am ruthlessly efficient in the morning at this time of year – I have my routine down to a fine art, and this helps maximise sack time – bag packed, clothes ready, put coffee out if you need it, food for the day easy to find – the simple act of getting all this ready before you go to bed enhances that commitment to get after it the next morning!
  • The more consistency you can maintain at this time of year, the greater the pay off – never lose sight of your WHY and stay the course, you’ve got this!!

As always, super keen to get your thoughts, feel free to comment, send me a message or bail me up for a chat.

Colin Barnes

Personal Trainer



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