Coldogblog – The Bounce Back

Coldogblog – The Bounce Back

Coach Col Dog’s Tip of the Week

R O C K  B O T T O M


I finished my Wednesday work out and did my usual rig check in the mirror and HATED what I saw 😡 Confidence is not something I struggle with often, but Wednesday, I couldn’t get my jumper on fast enough to cover up…

Reflecting on what lead me to feel like this, I realised that my stress levels on a number of fronts have been off the charts, my training except for 2 or 3 sessions over the last little bit have been lacking intensity and nutrition hasn’t been where I’d like it.

Times like these remind me that our ability to bounce back is ultimately always going to drive our long term success.

Taking ACTION was the only way to get my head right again – and it’s these kind of experiences that help me relate to my clients and put together blogs on some ideas you can implement to help with that bounce back – being someone that has loved exercise and looking after myself for a long time doesn’t make me immune from feeling like shit about myself every now and then.


What steps did I take this time:

– reflected on what got me to this point – impact of a few stresses on my body, too many random training sessions without focus, water intake was well below where it normally was.

– ACTION – took my own advice!! 🤔 Went back and read a few of my old blogs and what worked for me before, and took the actions that applied t.

– only so many stresses you can control, I am more proactive in controlling the aspects I hadn’t been for the last few weeks

– jumping in to a few training sessions with mates that will ramp that intensity back up

– logging my water intake, having more fermented veg and apple cider vinegar to get my gut working properly again.

– lastly – TALK to people – it’s ok to admit you’re struggling, having that self awareness to recognise destructive thoughts early and take action is key, the journey we take can get a little bumpy sometimes.

Colin Barnes

Personal Trainer



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